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Dialogo de entre un recepcionista y turista

propuesto por melanie (Colaborador Plata) (9,507 puntos) Jan 12, 2012 en Idiomas
recategorized por Albert Einstein Jan 12, 2012

Necesito un dialogo entre un turista y recepcionista que corresponde a los siguientes puntos:

- confirmar y cambiar reservaciones

- consulta acerca de promociones especiales

-tomar reservas para una familia

- tomar y dar mensajes

- Solucion de problemas para personas de movilidad

-negociar con un cliente etc

muchas gracias si me podeis hacer un dialogo de uno de estos temas

doy la mejor puntuacion


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Hola Melanie,

Aquí va una simulación de diálogo, a ver si te sirve:

- Good morning, welcome to X hotel, my name is Melanie. what can I do for you?

- Good morning, I would like to confirm my booking. My name is Mrs. Jones and I will arrive the 2nd of February.

- Ok, let me see. Mrs. Jones, as I can see in my database I have booked a double-room, for 3 nights, is it right?

- Oh, no. I need to include another 2 rooms. One for me children and another one for a child with  a wheelchair.  How much is it?

- Mrs. Jones, can you wait for a minute while I manage this información in my database? ... Thanks for waiting. The prize will be 1200€ for the 3 rooms and 3 nights.

- Aha, it's too much for me, I thought it would be cheaper. I don't know what to do.

- Can I offer you the possibility to choose only 2 rooms, one of them with 3 beds and special wide doors for the wheelchair and adapted bath. Then the cost would be 950€ for 2 rooms and 3 nights.

- Ah, this is much better. Is the breakfast included in the price?

- Of course, madam.

- So, what do you need to confirm this booking?

- If have your data, so let me inform you I will proceed to record this conversation from one on to confirm you accept this booking and I will send you an email with the update of it. Let's start, Mrs. Jones?

- ok

-So, please, Mrs. Jones. Can you confirm me I must update your current booking of 1 double-bed room for 3 nights arriving the 2nd of Fabruary for 1 double bedroom and a three beds room with adapted need for three nights?

- Yes, it is correct.

- So, the total amount of this 2 bedrooms is 950€ for the three nights including breakfast. Do you agree?

- Yes, I do.

- So, Mrs. Jones, I have confirmed the booking and in short you will receive and email with all this data.

- Mrs. Jones, I have stopped the recording, so can I do anything else for you?

- Yes, just one more thing. Could you please leave a message for my children?

- Of course. Just tell me what you need to say and I will attach it to the booking and when they arrive we will tell them whatever you need.

- So, could you write: Children, we have changed our flight and we will arrive half hour later than expected. Stay for a while in your bedroom and we will see in a while. Love, mum.

- Oook, Mrs. Jones. Your children will receive the message when they do the check-in.

- Perfect, so thanks for your help and see you in a few days.

- Good bye Mrs. Jones. Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
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La vida se te presenta dependiendo del prisma con que la mires
respondido por RosMari (Experto) (101,989 puntos) Jan 12, 2012
selected por mahari macin Mar 20, 2012

Hola Melanie,

Cuando díces que necesitas un dialogo entiendo que lo necesitas en algún idioma en específico.. ¿En que idioma?surpriselaugh

"Lo importante es no dejar de hacerse preguntas". (Albert Einstein).
respondido por Albert Einstein (Experto - Moderador) (242,684 puntos) Jan 12, 2012

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